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Fiberglass wool has been used as thermal and acoustical insulation in forced air heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems ever since these systems became widely available in the industries. Today, fiberglass wool ducting systems, duct liners, duct warps, and commercial insulation boards contribute to indoor environmental quality and occupant comfort in residential, commercial, industrial, and public buildings of all kinds. These include homes, apartments, school, hotel, motels, medical facilities, theaters, shooping centers, office and goverment buildings, factories, and many other types of structures where occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality are important criteria.

Fiberglass wool insulation is used in air duct systems for 3 basic reasons:
• Temperature control
Delivery of heated or cooled air at comfort levels suited to building occupancy requirements.

• Acoustical control
Absorption of noise generated by central air handling equipment and movement of air through the ducts, as well as “cross-talk” carried by duct form one space to another.

• Condensation control
Prevents condensation in or on ducts when installed R-value recommendations are followed, reducing the likelihood of moisture damage to ceiling and other interior finishies

Ducting & Roofing Insulation Material

Fiber Glasswool (SCM)